– Selected for the curated gallery Leitaria Lisboa

– Interview for Jornal de Notícias
– Interview for Rede IPLeiri@lumni
– Congratulated on to Politécnico de Leiria
– Congratulated on IPLeiria Gabinete de Imagem e Comunicação
– Congratulated on Rede IPLeiri@lumn
– Invited to speak at ESAD.CR Alumni day
– Featured on Cais da Pedra
– Featured on O Bolo do Caco
– Featured on Insta Sexta | P3 (5/30)

– Official Suggested User on Instagram
– Interview for Front Row Society
– Featured on Silverbox Studio
– Featured on One Life One Chance
– Featured on Escape The Mountain
– Featured on DREAM is the word

– Winner of the ‘Your Tribe vs Your Geometry‘ design challenge
– Congratulated on Rede IPLeiri@lumni
– Featured on
– Featured on Webstagram
– Featured on Heather Lorrainge
– Featured on Computer Cassette

– Congratulated on to exhibition ‘Birds’ and ‘Wine’ at ESAD.CR
– ‘Painted Black’ stop motion workshop with Studio Plastac
– ‘Materials and Graphic Production’ masterclass with Fernando Cruz from Forward

– Winner of the ‘Advertising Spot’ category of ESAD.CR
– Photo report of to exhibition ‘Crimes and Suicides’ at Centro Juventude CR
– ‘MTV Toy’ workshop with Bruno Rodas
– ‘Design Ethics’ masterclass with
Robert L. Peters

– Short film exhibition ‘A Cor de Marvila’ at Universidad de Sevilla
– Photo exhibition ‘As Luzes da Fama’ at Fábrica da Pólvora
– Photo report on ‘Yearbook 07’08 Arquitectura em Portugal’
– Photo report of Lou Rhodes’s concert at Santiago Alquimista
– Photo report of Stand-Up Comedy, ‘Dose Tripla’ at ESCS
– Photo report of ‘Kusturica Unofficial After-Party’ at Santiago Alquimista
– Photo report of ‘Lisbon 500 After Party’ at BuddhaLX
– Photo report of ‘Flow & Deluxe’ at Espaço Domus

– Featured on ArqBlog
– Photo report of ‘Bols Cocktail Academy’ at Arena Lounge, Casino Lisboa
– Photo report of ‘Da Providers Xmas Party’ at Fábrica Braço de Prata
– Photo report of ‘Irmãos Catita – O Filme’ at Cabaret Maxime
– Photo report of Nicole Eitner’s concert at Santiago Alquimista
– Photo report of David Fonseca ‘Dreams In Colour’ Live
– Photo report of Super Bock Surf Fest ’07 at Sagres
– Photos on Festivais de Verão

– Daily Deviation, suggested by ~X-Pippes and featured by `cweeks on deviantART
– Featured on” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>O Mundo da Fotografia Digital magazine

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