Ana Matias, born in ’87, raised by humans in Lisbon, Portugal. After learning the best tricks in life from her superhero father, Ana went on with her life to study architecture, graphic design and photography.

This creature is 1,70m and 52kg. Loves spending time filling up her body with tea while reading (and sniffing) books. Yes, she loves the smell of books so much that she can’t read news and stories on displays. On the other hand, when Ana dives into the geek world, she turns into a super nerd that can’t take her eyes off her laptop, iPhone or iPad. As the little activist that she is, she passionately protests against bullfighting and animal abuse, so yes, she is crazy about animals – all of them. Ana’s motto is: “You don’t need to buy a pet to have a beautiful one. I’ll always be a rescuer, not a buyer.”

It also seems like Ana has got herself some diplomas: Graphic Design | ESAD.CR (2008-2011), Sciences of Architecture | Lusíada University of Lisbon (2005-2008) and Advanced Photography Course | Lusíada University of Lisbon (2008-2009)

Some clients she has worked with: EDP, Sonae, Worten, Banco Privado Atlântico, Merck, TAAG, Chicco, Musicbox, Altis Hotels, Union Group and Ace Africa.

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